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­MINDFULLY MADE | Better for Humans & Better for the Planet

At Knit Witts Global we celebrate the tradition of handmade around the globe.

Our products are thoughtfully sourced, featuring small-batch and handmade items from around the world. We focus on knit and crocheted accessories, mainly hats and fingerless gloves. Each item will indicate where it is made, and by whom.  We are completely transparent.

 How are we Better for Humans?

We develop reciprocating relationships with the makers we work with, relationships of respect, sharing ideas and commerce.  We all benefit as a result. 

With our ethically handmade accessories you can rest easy knowing you are not contributing to exploitive labor practices. Unlike Fast fashion, which puts a strain on the environment and takes advantage of workers in developing countries, most of whom are women.

 How are we Better for the Planet?

We take care of our earth home by operating with as little plastic as possible and by using recycled and recyclable packaging.

We do not use petroleum-based materials in our products, like acrylic. Unless it is made from recycled plastic or polyester.

We only use natural fibers:  alpaca, merino wool, cashmere, silk and 100% GOTS certified cotton. We know the source of our materials; the environment and ethical care behind the sources.

Our goal at Knit Witts Global is simple, positively contribute to humanity and the environment, and have fun doing it!


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Founded in 2016

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Founded in 2016

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At Knit Witts Global we value the tradition of hand made around the globe. Here you can meet our wonderful makers.

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We only use natural fibers. Sourced humanely and with the environment in mind.